Panoramic takes a wide-angle view of music.

Panoramic–Rhythm through the Unobstructed View

Our debut CD melds Teague's virtuoso steelpan with world drumming from Trinidad, Brazil, Cuba & Puerto Rico, Africa, and India. The eight highly original compositions by Chappell and Teague are driven by the infectious grooves of Cotto, Beale, and Ramos with Stone's saxophones adding searing lines and solos. Rhythmic Union Records, March 2006

1  Panoramic Liam Teague 5:31
2  Orlando's Cha-Cha Robert Chappell 6:05
3  Chant Liam Teague 7:24
4  Ivory Coast Robert Chappell 5:14
5  88 Degrees in the Shade Robert Chappell 5:22
6  Pearls Liam Teague 6:11
7  Nikkara Robert Chappell 6:16
8  Calçados Feliz Robert Chappell 6:33

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